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Puppy Cube

Puppy Cube is the newest generation of ultra-short throw projectors. It is a stand-alone entertainment system, complete with Android OS, a 300 ANSI lumens HD display of up to 100 inches, and it can turn any flat surface into an interactive touchscreen.

Brand: Puppy Robot

UPC: 860001293401


• 10-point AnyTouch technology

• 720p with 4K support

• Ultra-short throw projector

• Bluetooth speaker mode

• Miracast and AirPlay

• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

  • Size and Weight 
    Length: 132 mm (5.2 in) 

    Width: 86 mm (3.4 in) 

    Height: 213 mm (8.4 in) 

    Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
    System Parameter 
    CPU: Mstar 6A938 

    RAM: 4GB 

    Built-in storage: 32GB eMMC
    System Functions 
    OS: puppyUI 1.0 

    Android system: Android 6.0 

    Wi-Fi: 2.4G/5GHz dual frequency 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    2 x 2 Dual antenna, dual transmission and reception 

    Dynamic image: HDR 

    Multi-scr interaction: Airplay/DLNA/Miracast 

    Bluetooth: BT 4.0 and above/BLE independent antenna 

    Camera: 5M camera module
    Projection Parameters 
    Projection ratio: 0.39:1 

    Off-axis: 100% and above 

    Picture size: 23~100 inches 

    Recommended size: 23~40 inches
    Keystone Correction 
    Desk projection, support horizontal and vertical placement
    Focus Mode 
    Auto focus and allow manual adjustment by remote control
    Optical Parameters 
    Standard resolution: 1280 x 720 

    Compatible resolution: 1080p/2K/4K 

    Display technique: DLP 

    Lens: High transmittance coated lens 

    Center brightness: 300ANSI 

    Brightness Uniformity: JBMA > 85% 

    Color gamut: >=100%NTSC 

    Center contrast: 600:1
    Channel: 2.0 channels 

    Speaker: Full frequency 36mm x 2 

    Power: 5W x 2
    Input: USB 3.0 Host x 1/HDMI 2.0 Input x 1/DC-in 

    Output: 3.5mm headphone jack x 1
    Status indication:
    Different indicators are used to indicate various statuses like power on/off, lower battery, charging
    Position sensing:
    Acceleration sensor
    Key: Power key, reset key, volume up and down
    Remote control: Bluetooth remote control
    Interactive: The projection surface is available for touch operation. Support 10 points multi touch and gestures
    Electrical Specification 
    Noise: < 30db
    Power consumption: 20 ~ 40W
    Built-in battery: 11.1v 5000mAh
    Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Note: When specification are subject to change, refer to the actual product.
  • Q: What is puppy cube?
    It's a standalone and all-in-one ultra short-throw touchscreen projector with Android.
    Q:Can I download more apps to it?
    You can download any app that you would normally use on an Android tablet. The app store we use is called UpToDown, which is the biggest alternative app store to Google Play.
    Q: So it works like a regular tablet?
    Yes, thanks to our proprietary AnyTouch technology the screen works like any other capacitive touchscreen. This means that most apps will work as if you're using a regular tablet device.
    Q:So what can I actually do with it?
    You can use it by itself as a 23-inch tablet on any flat surface. You can connect it to your phone, PC or gaming console and use it as a regular short-throw projector. You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, a video conferencing tool and many other things. The possibilities are endless!
    Q:Can I connect it to my phone/tablet/computer/gaming console etc?
    Yes! You can connect it with a cable by using the HDMI port, or wirelessly via AirPlay, Miracast or DLNA!
    Q:Can I use the touchscreen in the horizontal projection mode?
    Yes! As long as you put it next to the wall. The touchscreen is calibrated to be used with the 23-inch screen size.!
    Q:How long is the battery life? How long does it take to charge?
    When not plugged in, you can use it for 2.5 hours on a single charge. Charging time is less than three hours.
    Q: Is it still a touchscreen at 100 inches?
    No the projection is not a touchscreen at 100 inches.
    Q: Can the screen be bigger in the vertical projection mode?
    When using puppy cube in the vertical projection mode the screen size is fixed at 23 inches.