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About us

Be smarter, make it easier,
and more convenient
The Guangzhou Puppy Robotics Beijing Branch was founded in
November 2016, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Beijing puppy robotics Co., Ltd.

As a young start-up company, puppy robot focuses on artificial
intelligence and robotics technology; with innovation as its
engine and outstanding user experience as its goal, puppy robot
will bring AI products and solutions to consumers, creating a new
ecosystem of AI-enhanced smart living.
The meaning behind puppy
Puppies are not just cute little baby dogs.

They’re loved companions and family members, sharing their home with their human friends.

The contour of our puppy’s belly resembles a house, implying that he wants to be a guardian to your home.

Our logo is divided into three parts, each symbolizing an aspect of our vision – be smarter, make it easier, and more convenient.